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Our team was asked to interview someone and utilize the design research method to identify and solve a problem he/she faces. We interviewed Jane, who had recently lost her parents and became the keeper of a century’s worth of family memorabilia. Jane has a deep interest in storytelling and wanted a way to create a visual narrative using the memories that can easily be shared with her large, extended family.


User Research

UX/UI prototyping



10 weeks

(January – March 2018)


Eli Kahn

Sarah Strickler

Emma Switzer


Originally, we expected to uncover a problem related to managing the care of Jane’s parents before they passed. Over the course of our in-depth interview, we learned her current challenge revolved around what to do with all the boxes of memorabilia.

Jane talking with the team

Some of the files of family memorabilia


We reviewed our notes and discussed our insights to formulate our how might we statement, point of view, and our design principles:

  • How might we design a collective platform that captures each experience through Jane’s medium of choice, gives her the ability to add to memories over time, and allows her to share and collaborate with those close to her?

  • Point Of View: Jane needs a way to collect and share her memories to create a thoughtful account of her life and those in her close community, because she values fulfilling relationships and self-reflection.

  • Principles

Individualized Storytelling

Ease of Sharing

Simple Memory Entry

Accessibility of Memories


Once we had a direction, we brainstormed 50 ideas, and then voted on the most effective and practical ones.

Memory Board Image
Atmosphere Recorder/Timestamp

7 of our 50 ideas


We met with Jane to further our research and observe how she might select and organize photographs from a recent trip she took, document a dinner party, and layout photo documentation in a digital format.

Jane explaining which photos she would select to upload to Oro

Jane, Strickler, and Kahn cooking for the "dinner party"

Illustrating how she would choose to layout photos


With the insights we received through the workshop and feedback from our peers, my team decided to pursue a solution that incorporated aspects from one of our physical and digital ideas to create a more immersive experience for Jane. We created Oro, a radial projector that allows you to store, share, and look back at memories in multiple digital formats (photo, video, sound, and location and weather recorder).


We began to prototype the physical projector with paper and cardboard, quickly moving into more robust prototypes using wood and acrylic. For the app design, Kahn and Strickler first drew out different interface designs for the screens, and I ultimately created our final prototype using Adobe XD.

Strickler, Kahn, and Switzer building the first prototype

Strickler, Kahn, and I creating the wood & acrylic prototype

Strickler demonstrating the interface of the physical prototype

Illustrator prototype of website app


Our team filmed a video to illustrate the complete functions of the Oro application and physical projector.

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