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The goal of this assignment was to create a native mobile app focusing on one aspect of the vast services offered by the Seattle Public Library (SPL). After we conducted research, my team built an app highlighting the resources and events.


Facilitating Interviews

Site Mapping




10 weeks

(January - March 2019)


Aria Cha

Caitlyn Hirata

Jack Sinclair



To begin, we participated in a class-wide discussion with the SPL Regional Manager, observed a local branch and interviewed the employees, and conducted a survey on library usage behaviors. This helped us better understand the reasons people use the library, patron demographic of the Roosevelt Branch, the difference between the various communities, and the services, resources, and programs offered by the individual branches and general library.

The library will be amplified as a place of community and connections.  Currently, we are seeing the result of when people fall out of communication with one another. The library will be key in keeping people connected.

- Francesca Wainwright, SPL Regional Manager



Interviewing a SPL employee at the Roosevelt Branch

The computer section at the Roosevelt Branch


After our primary research, we looked into background information on library usage, function, and need in communities, and conducted a short competitive analysis on library apps from other major cities across the country.

Brooklyn Public Library App

Los Angeles Library App

San Francisco Library App

  • Patrons appreciate the benefit of having a library in their community, even if they do not personally use the library

  • Patrons of all ages use the library as a safe space for rest and shelter

  • The programs and events offered are an important aspect of the library's community



Most people know the library is a place to check out books, but do not know about their events and additional resources. The library’s vision is to shift the focus from simply book use to a more community centered space.

HOW MIGHT WE inform the community of the library’s resources, events, and programs to encourage a more connected community?


  • Parents looking for after school or weekend events for their children 

  • Community Members looking to be more involved in their community



Discoverability of events + Resources

The library offers many services that a great number of people are not aware of. We want to bring those to the forefront in order to inform patrons

Timely updates + engagement

Keep the state of events and planning completely transparent with the users so that they are always up-to-date. If they are interested in an event they should be given obvious updates to any changes.

Privacy protection of patrons

As the second “pillar” of the library’s foundation, privacy is an expectation for each patron


Next, we organized all the information into a site map. We wanted there to be clear lateral movement with minimal overlap of how to access information to reduce user confusion.

I created wireframes for the "Events" page of the app while my team created wireframes for the other pages. We decided on a visual direction and started the iteration process leading toward our final design, bringing in users to test the experience and receiving feedback from peers. 

Conducting user testing to understand usability of our app.

Wall critique deliverables of visual directives and task flows.


Below is a short video to highlight the key functions and features of the app. I focused on the Events page and the notifications. 

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